Hi!  I'm Sam! I teach midlife women how to eat for better health, lose fat and inches, and like what they see in the mirror...

...without feeling starved and miserable or with restrictive food rules...

... so you can feel better with more energy, improve your health and fall in love again with how you look and feel!

In my free ebook, HOW TO EAT TO BURN FAT, I share the reasons why you're not getting results (are you doing any of these?) and 5 things you can start today that will help you burn fat, feel better and lose weight quicker.

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Do you have control over food or does food have control over you?

I ask because I've been there.

Hi there! I'm Coach Sam

Consider me your personal weight loss coach, personal trainer and nutrition BFF.


After having stage 3 colon cancer at age 29, I went on an all out search trying to find what to do to be healthy.

But the only thing I found were trendy "diets" that were too hard to follow, I couldn't keep up with them, and they left me feeling lost.

I needed to be in control. I read book and book, had late night study sessions and ultimately created unrealistic expectations around food, floundering with trying to "eat right".

around food consumed me and I felt like a constant failure.

With an all or nothing mindset, I gave up and quit trying all together. What was the point right? I was going to keep failing.

It was only after turning 40 that I was able to break free from the bondage of my food obsession!

FINALLY I gained clarity and direction on how to eat for better health and live without counting points, calories, or living by crazy rules I couldn’t keep.

If the way you're eating isn't working, you can change it.
And I can help.


Do you find yourself:

constantly thinking about your weight or have struggled with your weight your entire life,

avoiding taking family pictures because you hate the way you look,

'eating healthy' and exercising 5-7 times a week but still aren't losing the weight,

or because of your medical issues you're at the point you've got to do something or you'll continue to feel worse, gain more weight and end up at risk for diabetes and other disease?


...then I’m here to show you that another way is possible.

Don't take my word for it...

I have always struggled with weight my whole life. And I have some medical issues that don’t help either. IBS being one which makes it hard to eat certain things, or so I thought.

All other “diets” I have tried were very restrictive and I was so unhappy doing them.

With Sam’s program she teaches you about food, the nutrition your body needs. She works with the you to figure out food intolerances.

She has helped me to understand my body more than I ever have in my 32 years. Since starting the program I have lost 12.5 pounds and almost 8 inches.

My clothes are fitting better, I am finding myself having more energy. I do not have cravings like I used to. I’m proud of the pounds/inches I have lost but since starting this new lifestyle I have had heartburn twice, I used to wake up in the middle of the night with it. I do not have the IBS issues like I did. And I am learning what triggers it if and when I have an episode.

This whole process has been an amazing learning experience! 

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