Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit

Because losing weight is about so much more than just losing weight.


NOURISH is a weight loss course and membership that helps you shed years of persistent pounds so you can regain the energy of your 25 year old self and finally fall back in love with the figure you see in the mirror.

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Have you struggled with your weight your entire life, tried diet after diet and still don't have the results you want?

How many of those same pounds have you lost and regained over and over again?  And with each new diet followed by another diet failure, do you have self blame, self doubt and eventually give up, thinking, "what's the point"?

Since turning 40, have you found it harder and hard to keep your weight down?

Are you at the point where you've got to do something or you'll continue to feel worse, gain more weight and end up at risk for diabetes and other disease?

Are you hesitant to try AGAIN because you're afraid you'll be hungry, starved or will have to follow restrictive food lists, leaving you unhappy and miserable?

With my proven Fat Burning System you can expect to:

Stop binge and stress eating and lose the all or nothing mindset.

Have more energy, feel better, and sleep better.

Lose the belly fat and "love handles".

Would your life be different free of dieting and the overwhelming guilt just because you ate dessert?
Would your life be different if you understood your body better, the nutrition it needs and food triggers that could be making you sick?

Would your life be different if your clothes fit better, you had more energy and your cravings were gone?
Would your life be different if you slept all night and woke up pain free and your body able to move effortlessly through your daily activities?

Course . Community . Coaching

Choose which option is best for you!

Nourish Course


  • Immediate access to the NOURISH 6 Week Weight Loss Course including my proven fat-burning system

  • A comprehensive Program Guide that guides you step by step through each week of the course so you won't feel overwhelmed at starting something new or wonder what to do next

  • An easy to use mobile app so you can access your course and materials from anywhere

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Nourish Course + Community


With a $99 enrollment fee.


  • Monthly in depth trainings so you can stay up to date with the latest, cutting edge women's health topics

  • Sample Fat Burning Meal Plans so you can take the guesswork out of what to eat

  • Workout Library with a variety of beginner to intermediate bodyweight, stability ball and dumb bell workouts
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls by Zoom to have your questions answered and share with other members

  • A community of women from all over the world on the exact same journey as you, offering you judgement-free support to breakthrough your biggest barriers and the encouragement you need to keep going when you feel like giving up

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Nourish Course + Community + Coaching


With a $99 enrollment fee.

  • Nourish Course + Community PLUS

  • One monthly, 45 min 1:1 coaching and accountability call with Coach Sam

  • Priority email support from the TeamSam Team

  • Discounts on products and future TeamSam events

  • Additional resources as needed on the 1:1 call

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Accountability & Support

Create friendships and bonds with other women all working towards the same goal.  Enjoy the support and accountability with weekly group coaching calls and monthly trainings focused on women's health issues.

Fat Burning Nutrition

Start losing more fat and inches, beat your sugar cravings, learn how stress affects your weight. Assess for food sensitivities and improve your gut health and overall inflammation. 


A realistic approach to eating healthy for a lifestyle with weekly mindset trainings and support so you can keep the weight off for good and keep the old habits from coming back.  

It's only when you change your beliefs about yourself and about food can you experience true food freedom and long lasting, transformative results-both mentally and physically.

I can help you do that.

I'm ready for change!

What other women are saying ... 


I'm so pleased with my progress!  I'm stronger, healthier and on a much better path than I could have been on my own.  I'm happy to report I've lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks.




I feel good!  I'm off my cholesterol and reflux meds!  I've enjoyed learning how to eat right, losing weight and how food affects my body!



I've lost 49 pounds and I truly feel better than I have in a long time.  I'm eating all the time and making wise choices along with exercise that I've found quickly can be addictive because I am in love with how it is making me feel!



I've lost 8 pounds and almost 8 inches and I've created healthier habits!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other 'diets'?

NOURISH is unlike any "diet" or program you've ever done....because it's not a diet.  Inside Nourish, I teach you what it truly looks like to eat healthy-real, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. My proven fat loss system focuses on both weight loss and fat loss all while losing inches and maintaining lean muscle, balancing your blood sugar and hormones from years of yo-yo dieting.

It's a comprehensible educational program designed to fit you and your lifestyle.

Can I start at any age?

Absolutely!  The sooner you can start your path to healthy living the better.  I've worked with young teens to women in their 70s.  

Do I have to be overweight?

No! Weighing only 120 pounds when I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer, I learned quickly that just because I was not overweight, I certainly was not healthy.  It is my goal to educate you on good nutrition, check for food intolerances and help you understand exactly what your body needs....along with helping you lower your risk of disease. Weight loss is not a requirement. It's more about being healthy.

Will I starve?

No! It's just the opposite! I teach you how to fuel your body, increase your energy and boost your metabolism. You'll learn it's not about eating less, but eating better!

How long is the course and what do I get when I join?

The actual weight loss course of the membership is a 6 week modular course where you'll receive food lists, sample meal plans and weekly topics, teaching you how to balance your blood sugar, how to read food labels, how to improve your gut health, checking for food intolerances, stress management and more.

If you choose a membership option, you'll also be a part of a community of other women who are currently going though the course or who have already completed it. Having this diverse group of women together at different stages in the course gives you additional support, accountability and personalized advice from others who have been there or still working towards their goals.  We are each other's cheerleaders!

What if I decide the membership isn't for me?

No worries, you can cancel at anytime!

You don't have to accept that this is how it's supposed to be.

I'm living proof of it.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN feel better and have more energy -

You CAN regain that lost confidence and feel good about the way you look in a mirror-

You CAN jump off that diet wagon for the last time and experience lasting weight loss -

You CAN experience food freedom without always worrying about what you're going to eat.

Without feeling starved and miserable and without restrictive food lists, food guilt and fear of going back to old habits.

There's no reason why you can't ROCK that SWIMSUIT!

It's time for YOUR breakthrough!

Yes! I'm Ready!